Students Criticize University, Trustees with Chalked Slogans on Ho Plaza

Welcome back alumni and esteemed trustees of the university, for this weekend is Homecoming Weekend. As you tour the campus, reminiscing about the good times and the bad, make sure to stroll through Ho Plaza. A group of left-wing students, of whom only Daniel Marshall and Michael Mintz could be identified by name, spent the afternoon chalking various slogans and grievances against the university.

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Is metaphor the correct figure of speech here?

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"$1" refers to the desired amount of subsidies protesting students want Cornell to pay TCAT per student ride.

“$1″ refers to the desired amount of subsidies protesting students want Cornell to pay TCAT per student ride.

Video Updates: Anti-Rape Culture Protest and Case for Reparations

It was recently brought to my attention that students on campus have accused the Review of refusing to publish our videos of various events. This just goes to show just how desperate some students on campus are to attack the Review, but rather than criticize our content instead choose to make ridiculous claims. It is neither our duty nor our obligation to publicly publish any written, audio, or video content any member of this publication produces.

Anyways, because we wish to share these with everyone, here you all are:

From Cornell’s protest against rape culture (language warning):

From the “Case for Reparations” speech:

Martha Robertson ’75 Loses National Democrat Funding–Cornell Daily Sun in Panic Mode?

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) recently cut its advertising funding for New York’s 23rd district Democratic candidate, Martha Robertson ’75. The ads would have aired in the final two weeks leading up to the election and were slated to cost $465,000.

This is a drastic setback among many others for Robertson, who just back in March was placed by the DCCC in the “Red to Blue” program. But all along the way, Robertson has clung to her cookie-cutter liberal platform, which seemingly doesn’t go over well outside of Ithaca in the mostly conservative, job-hungry, economically-depressed Southern Tier and Western New York.

Photo courtesy of Legal Insurrection.

Photo courtesy of Legal Insurrection.

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David Einhorn ’91 Donates $50 Million to Cornell, Anti-Capitalists Forces on Campus Stay Silent

David Einhorn ’91 , founder and president of the hedge fund Greenlight Capital, donated $50 million to Cornell to partially fund the school’s new public engagement program called “Cornell Engaged.”

Cornell Engaged was announced on Monday as a $150-million program that aims to give all Cornell undergrads real working experiences in their respective fields by the year 2025. Einhorn cited his semester spent working at the Securities & Exchange Commission as part of the Cornell in Washington program as a major factor in his career path. Einhorn’s family charitable trust will fund one-third of the program, and Cornell hopes his name recognition will attract other donors to pay the remaining costs.

Einhorn, a 45-year old billionaire who garnered intentional acclaim for his astute investments made before the Financial Crisis of 2007-08, was quoted by Fortune saying, “It’s an exciting project because of the skills we think it will develop for the Cornell undergraduates of which we expect 100% to participate within ten years.When you go out beyond the classroom and into the community and find problems and have to deal with people in the real world, you develop skills for empathy, for bridging cultural differences that we think will lead to more prosocial skills and make Cornell graduates even better leaders.” Continue reading

Ta-Nehisi Coates Speaks at Cornell: “The Case for Reparations”

Journalist and educator Ta-Nehisi Coates visited Cornell last week and delivered a highly anticipated lecture entitled “The Case for Reparations.”

Coates, whose article of the same name published in May’s issue of The Atlantic garnered him critical acclaim, spoke to an overflowing Lewis Auditorium Thursday evening. An auditorium with approximately 160 seats had roughly 300 people crammed into it, with many standing in the back, in the doorway to the hallway, sitting in the aisles, and even some sitting outside a window (the auditorium is half-underground, so windows near the ceiling are at ground level). Coates delivered the American Studies Program’s Daniel W. Kops Freedom of the Press Lecture.

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