“Fight Back Kill Rapists” Graffiti Spotted Around Campus

Currently unknown individuals are responsible for the graffitiing* of the phrase “Fight Back Kill Rapists” across several campus sidewalks.

The Cornell Review cannot confirm if a student organization, individual students, or non-students were behind the act, but the three your correspondent saw all appeared to have been created with the same spray paint stencil. Two, both of which were on West Campus, were in bright red, and another in Central Campus was in black.


Internet searches for the phrase yield nothing substantive. Apparently, each half of the phrase is a trending hashtag on Twitter and Instagram–#FightBack and #KillRapists. Popular handmade goods e-commerce site Etsy also has “Kill Rapists”-themed clothing and accessories.


While walking down the slope, your correspondent passed a Cornell Paint Shop employee scrubbing out the graffiti on the sidewalk. He said, “It’s not the best way to get your message out.”

*Graffitiing is a word.

“Stop Police Brutality” Protest at Cornell

In response to the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri early last month, and the perceived racially-motivated circumstances surrounding Brown’s death, several student groups led by the Black Students Union (BSU) staged a protest of police brutality on Ho Plaza during the afternoon of Sep. 10.

Compared to the anti-Israel protest staged by the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) two weeks ago, this protest was much more well-organized and included, at the peak, at least 75 students, faculty, and locals.

The event began with a “die-in” in which approximately twenty-five students lay on the ground in six minutes of silence holding signs with slogans like “America never loved us,” “I’m not a [target sign], ” and “#JusticeforMike.” Afterwards the coalition of students, which included those from SJP, formed a large circle on Ho Plaza and BSU event coordinator Surayya Diggs began speaking about the events in Ferguson.


Diggs subsequently handed the microphone over to Assistant Professor Russell Rickford, history, who proceeded to deliver an approximately 20-minute long speech (see video for condensed version). Rickford, who specializes in “black radical tradition and black political culture after WWII” according to his bio on the Cornell History Department’s website, covered topics relating to “white supremacy,” “post-racialism,” and forming a “social justice movement.”

Following Rickford’s speech, Nadia May ’16 recited her poem entitled “From Mom, With Love,” a piece on her expectations of how she will mother her future children intertwined with commentary on racism and police brutality.

After May’s poem, the participating students gathered for a photo under the McGraw clock tower. One photo was taken with the students making the Black Panther symbol raising their right arms.  In another, everyone put both hands up and shouted “don’t shoot.”


In what appeared to be somewhat of a spontaneous act, the group then started chanted slogans like “no justice, no peace, no racist police” and later “hands up, don’t shoot” and began walking up the plaza, past the clock tower, into the Arts Quad, and ended up crowded around the statue of Ezra Cornell, where one final speech was delivered.

Cornell College Republicans Bring Allen West to Campus in October

As we all ponder just exactly how to handle — or not handle — the world events that are radically reshaping geopolitics in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, who else a better speaker on this topic than Lt. Col. Allen West?

The Cornell College Republicans are sponsoring an event on Oct. 30 with West entitled “The Evolution and Future of American Foreign Policy” in Uris Hall (Uris G01) at 6 pm.

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Previews from the Upcoming First Issue of the Year

Readers, be prepared and get pumped: The first print issue of the year is out on Sunday! On Sunday we will be distributing exclusively to those who attend Club Fest in Barton Hall from 1-4 pm. Additionally, we will be uploading the PDF version to our main website, http://www.thecornellreview.com. On Monday we will distribute throughout the campus. So be sure to pick one or two up!

In a new initiative this year, a few days before the distribution of each issue I’ll be posting a few excerpts from various articles in the issue.

First we have an article on ISIS and the proper U.S. response finely written by this year’s sole senior on staff, Roberto Matos.

Despite reports that the Islamic State (IS, also know as ISIS or ISIL) is meeting reversals at the hands of American airstrikes and hard-nosed Kurdish counteroffensive, this well-funded, well-trained, and well-armed group of 17,000 self-described “holy warriors” shows little sign of abating in its quest to establish its draconian “Islamic Caliphate.”

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Students for Justice in Palestine at Cornell Stage Anti-Israel Protest

Written by Casey Breznick and Andres Sellitto.

A ragtag group of students, faculty, and city locals associated with Cornell’s chapter of Students of Justice in Palestine (SJP) gathered in Cornell’s central campus Friday afternoon to stage a protest against Israel and Operation Protective Edge.

The protestors stood in a crescent formation in Ho Plaza, one of Cornell’s most-walked intersections, as many hundreds of disinterested students walked by during the hour-long ordeal. At the peak, SJP’s numbers reached about 40. Occasionally, they were joined by either confused or gleeful students eager to chant for a minute or so before booking it to lunch or class.

Needless to say, the rhetoric of the several speakers using a bullhorn was as expected narrow-minded, reminiscent of Hamas’s propaganda talking points, and at times just bizarre. Continue reading