Bill Nye the Wealth Redistributionist Guy

Our bow-tie loving, get to know thy neighbor-preaching friend Bill Nye ’77 is at it again. Except this time, it isn’t about baking soda volcanoes or foreign policy, as I most recently covered.

At a speaking event at the University of Albany this past week, science guy Nye exercised his wealth of knowledge on tax policy and economic theory in comments regarding the efficacy of carbon taxes on the hindrance of both production and private consumption of gasoline-powered cars.

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Tom Reed Weighs In On Cornell Health Fee

Tom ReedIthaca area’s Republican congressman Tom Reed published an op-ed in the Cornell Daily Sun Thursday night denouncing Cornell’s $350 student health fee.

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‘Let Us In’ Protesters Bang on Doors and Walls, Fail to Infiltrate Board of Trustee Meeting

Cornell’s 64-member Board of Trustees descended upon campus this week for its annual series of meetings during the month of March, and, as they held a meeting in Statler Hotel conference room Thursday afternoon, about 75 student protesters organized by Save the Pass and Fight the Fee pounded on doors and walls demanding entrance to the closed meeting.

Security personnel, and later policemen, stood between the mob-like horde of students and the two doors to the conference room, occasionally bumping into and shoving students back when they attempted to reach the door handles. All the while, students yelled and chanted slogans like “fight the fee,” “let us in,” and “the students will never die, hella hella occupy.”

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Big Government to Blame for Black UVA Student’s Bloody Arrest

Last week a black University of Virginia (UVA) student was grabbed and thrown to the ground outside a bar in Charlottesville, Virginia, incurring an injury that later required ten stitches. Images of Martese Johnson held to the ground with his bloodied face and gaping mouth went viral on the Internet, instigating claims of police brutality and racism in the vein of the cases involving, most recently, Eric Garner in Staten Island and Michael Brown in Ferguson.

“I was shocked that my face was slammed into the pavement across the road from my school,” Johnson wrote in a statement. “I trust the scars on my face and head will one day heal, but the trauma of what those officers did will stay with me.”

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IDF Soldier Speaks at Cornell on Warfare in the Middle East

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Major Nadav Minkovsky, Military Advocate General’s Corps, spoke at the Cornell Law School last week on the topic of “Legal Complexities in Contemporary Asymmetrical Conflicts.” Cornell’s chapter of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law hosted the event, which drew in about 50 attendees, most of whom were law students.

2015-03-17 08.25.49

Major Nadav Minkovsky with Professor Jacobson. Image via Our Soldiers Speak.

The officer was brought to Cornell Law as part of the Our Soldiers Speak Legal Initiative. Our Soldiers Speak is a U.S.-based not-for-profit organization that specializes in bringing active, specialist, uniformed representatives of the IDF to speak to diverse audiences on U.S. college campuses.

Major Nadav, Head of Security and Law Enforcement Section and Legal Adviser to Judea and Samaria, spoke at length about the complex legal operational challenges in modern-day warfare in the Middle East, and how these challenges are strongly bound by international law. Continue reading

Cornell Dean Accused on Video of Advising on Starting Hamas, ISIS Clubs and Setting Up ‘Training Camps’

Update: The editorial board of The Cornell Review would like to clarify that it had no connection with the making of the Project Veritas video featuring an Assistant Dean at Cornell. The Review covered this story to highlight what was already national news to the Cornell community. Individual members of the Review have expressed varying attitudes toward the video and their personal opinions do not reflect the views of the entire staff. Neither I nor anyone in the Review ever endorsed this video’s content or the methods by which Project Veritas produced it.


James O’Keefe of Project Veritas strikes again, this time at Cornell.

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Ban Fracking? Rep. Tom Reed Says Government Should Pay Up

Tom Reed

Tom Reed (R-NY23)

Back in January, Republican Tom Reed, the Ithaca area’s House Rep., proposed to Congress the Defense of Property Rights Act in response to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state-wide fracking ban.

According to Reed’s website, the legislation “would defend private property rights by providing an option for compensation on behalf of those unfairly harmed by government action. It would also open the judicial process in a more fair and equitable way.”

Reed, who smashed Democratic challenger Martha Robertson in the November election, recently published an op-ed in the Ithaca Voice explaining the legislation more in-depth and linking measures like the fracking ban–legislation and regulations Reed believes stifle business growth–to the collapse of the Southern Tier’s economy.

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