Conservatives Censored on Campus: Morris Northstar Newspaper Trashed and Vandalized

  • The Morris NorthStar, a conservative student newspaper at the University of Minnesota Morris, claims a professor at the school incited the theft and trashing of all distributed copies of its paper last November.
  • In January, unknown perpetrators vandalized another 100 issues of the paper.
  • The NorthStar is mulling filing a First Amendment lawsuit against the professor. 

When is censorship actually censorship? You could ask Professor Paul Zachary “PZ” Myers, a biology professor and an award-winning scholar and blogger at the University of Minnesota Morris (UMM). Or, you could ask John Geiger, a sophomore majoring in German and Global Business Management and co-founder of the conservative student newspaper, the Morris NorthStar.

Several reports have recently surfaced alleging that, in several posts on his blog Pharyngula, Myers incited students at UMM to trash and vandalize copies of the NorthStar all together worth nearly 2,000 dollars because he disagreed with the student’s conservative politics and satire-driven publication. Continue reading

Leftist Student Mob Overtakes Cornell Student Assembly

  • A mob of about 100 leftist students overtook the Student Assembly to read aloud their previously-tabled resolution calling for divestment from businesses operating in Israel.
  • The mob also made other speeches and comments criticizing university policies and the Student Assembly as non-democratic and non-representative of the student body.
  • A confrontation with President David Skorton resulted in the president and vice-president’s exiting of the room after being barred from their pre-scheduled discussion with the Student Assembly. 

Mobocracy has come to Cornell. As soon as the Cornell Student Assembly (SA) convened its weekly meeting on April 17 at 4:45 pm, approximately 100 students representing a consortium of leftist and liberal causes overtook the SA. The mob’s show ran for two hours and included endless self-congratulations, outlandish leftist polemics, unplugging of the SA’s microphones, and disrespectful confrontations with President David Skorton.

Following the SA’s roll-call, one student rose and announced a motion to overtake the SA, which was followed by a second and then a vocal approval from most of those in attendance. The students, led by several unidentified undergraduate and graduate students, reorganized the room’s folding chairs in a semi-circle with a large open space for speakers to address the SA, fellow mob members, and other audience members, including several students from pro-Israel groups and on-looking faculty. Continue reading

Student Assembly Rejects Resolution to Divest from Israel

On Thursday, April 10 the Cornell Student Assembly voted 15-8-1 to indefinitely table a formal Resolution to Divest from all companies that conduct business in Israel. The vote came after the Assembly overruled a motion by President Ulysses Smith, ’14, to disallow the tabling of the resolution until after it was presented.

Some of the businesses identified in the resolution as profiteers from Israel’s “military occupation” of and “abuses and violations” in Palestine that Cornell invests in included Tata Motors, Raytheon, Hewlett Packard and SodaStream. (No mention of the fact that Palestinians in Palestine employed by SodaStream like their employer.)

The outcome today was strictly procedural – the motion to table did not alter the substance of the resolution. However, as the Legal Insurrection blog noted, this outcome is a huge blow to Cornell’s Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), the drafters of the resolution. Continue reading

Obamacare Comedy Not a Laughing Matter

Time is running out for Obamacare enrollment numbers to meet the new March 31 target of 6 million signups. As of this week, only 5 million people have successfully signed up for coverage via the Obamacare exchanges, with the number enrolling per month dropping significantly from over 2 million in December to less than a million in February.

What must be even more worrying to the engineers and champions of Obamacare is the fact that the prime age group of 18-34 year-olds only makes up a quarter of enrollees. According to Businessweek, while a slightly higher proportion of younger people signed up in January and February, those above age 45 still account for 52 percent of total enrollees. The Economist reported that, to “keep rates stable”, the 18-34 year-old crowd must represent 40 percent of Obamacare enrollees.

Simple arithmetic shows that, in order to meet this critical mass of young people and ensure Obamacare’s solvency for the time being, of the remaining million people that need to sign up before this month’s end, 90% of them must be in this age group. Continue reading

Professor Jacobson Talk: The Case for Israel and Academic Freedom


The Cornell Review’s advisor, Professor William Jacobson, will give a talk today in McGraw Hall 165 at 5pm on The Case for Israel and Academic Freedom. 

Professor Jacobson runs the award-winning political website Legal Insurrection. He has extensively documented the ASA boycott against Israel.

He is a Clinical Professor and Director of Securities Law Clinic at Cornell University Law School.

We hope to see you there!